October 1991

Update original Allstate Homeowners Policy in order to provide coverage for the newly erected museum. Allstate rep. Michael Quartaeret inspected my property and assured me that the new Homeowners Deluxe Plus Policy would cover all my immediate and future needs. Homeowner’s policies normally pay 10% of the value of a home for outlying buildings. The Deluxe Plus provided coverage to outlying buildings unto themselves. One caveat was included; no business could be done from the museum. The museum was built to commemorate my lifetime of achievement, there was no admission charge to do this, and it was a hobby. A business means the purchase and sale of goods and or services in the pursuit of profit. If you do not offer something for sale you do not have a business. Mike took my premium, gave me a dec sheet, which outlined our agreement, and never sent me a policy. Mike badly misrepresented what he could do for me. He was trained to commit this fraud through McKinsey teachings.


Frequent letters and requests to increase coverage with Quartaret on homeowner’s policy. Coverage was never increased.

July 1999

Robinsons dismiss casual laborer, Mark Anderson, who was paid to work in the Robinson museum (he failed to agree to the terms of his contract and was responsible for the theft of many items and persistent drug abuse).

December 28, 1999

Lost museum and contents due to fire (value approaches $1M). January 3, 2000 – After 3 suggested adjustors, Allstate sent Wm. Marsaw to inspect fire damage. Marsaw followed the McKinsey doctrine to the “T” He assured me that I had the best policy, and that it was obvious that I had lost much more than I was covered for, but that Allstate would pay me within two weeks. I explained to Marsaw that I knew how the fire occurred, that it was purely an accident based on someone else’s negligence. We agreed that Marsaw would send a Cause and Origin fire inspector to verify that this was in fact what had happened. This was important because the negligent party would pay back Allstate and assume full liability for the loss of my museum.

January 10, 2000

John Yanus (Cause and Origin inspector) came to inspect premises. John Yanus also had an investigating service, apart from solely being a Cause and Origin inspector. Yanus found that a motorcycle owned by Richard Whitney had leaked gasoline, which was responsible for the fire. I was unaware that Richard Whitney’s motorcycle was in my museum. Richard Whitney’s motorcycle was repaired by Cycle Stop. Cycle Stop knowingly released a motorcycle with a serious problem to Richard Whitney, which caused a serious rift between those two entities. The owner of Cycle Stop, Gary Schreib, called me and asked if I would pick up Whitney’s motorcycle and deliver it to Cycle Stop. I complied with this request, encountered a very distraught and upset Whitney, put the motorcycle in my van and brought it to my house. It was Christmas time so I could not immediately take it to Cycle Stop. Unbeknownst to me one of my friends used my van and removed the motorcycle and put it into my museum. I never received, nor asked, for any money from Whitney or Cycle Stop for my good deed. Any and all payment for any service, good or bad, was paid to a contract between Whitney and Cycle Stop. Cycle Stop, in order to do business in NYS had to have Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance. The purpose of this insurance is to cover the costs of an incorrect repair. Once it was proved that the fire originated from Whitney’s motorcycle the complete damage, which would cover his motorcycle and my museum, would be covered by Cycle Stop. The problem was I did not know at the time that the provider of the Garage Keeper Legal Liability policy was a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance. Zurich Insurance benefited from the McKinsey program. Yanus spent two hours recording my life story and examining the museum, concluded without a doubt the origin of the fire. All of the recordings were done in the presence of three witnesses (one of whom was a paralegal) who must be brought into court to testify as to what was said. Yanus left without giving me any copy of the recordings. Years later I found that Yanus was in fact one of the many people involved in a criminal conspiracy of Allstate. Yanus had a history of being paid for giving Allstate what they wanted to hear in order to deny coverage.

January 14, 2000

Wm. Marsaw called and offered a total payment of $32,000 dollars. He said, “Take it or leave it.” I said, “I leave it.” I told him to please write the mandatory letter accepting or disclaiming coverage and the reasons why he could verbally offer me $32,000 dollars. Marsaw said, “Accept this offer or you will be audited by the IRS.” I said, “I had just been audited by the IRS and the threat of an audit doesn’t bother me.” This call was on speakerphone, three of my houseguests heard the whole conversation. From this date on, through 2002, Marsaw was responsible for 122 emails and or threatening phone calls.

End of January 2000

Karen Foster (IRS agent in collusion with Allstate) appeared at my house. Karen requested my income tax returns from 1998 and 1999. Karen showed me a business card, but she had no paperwork authorizing her right to audit my taxes. Karen and I talked for approximately 30 minutes. During this time Karen wanted to know if any business was being done from the burned museum. Karen asked about my mother’s business, which was located 80 miles away and asked about a business that I had closed, which was located in an address in the village of Scottsville, NY. I realized that Karen was wired and recording our conversation. As a result of this I purchased a radio frequency detector with a lens finder. This device cost me $450 dollars, but it was worth its weight in gold. I could put it in my pocket; it would vibrate if I were in front of a camera or a hidden recording device.

Mid February 2000

Second home visit from Karen Foster. With no prior announcement of an appointment Karen appeared at my doorstep. Karen sat right next to me and proceeded to ask for my income tax returns. I refused to give them to her until she provided the proper documents to conduct an audit. Karen asked me many questions about business and life, she knew that I was married and that my wife was doing her job teaching school. Karen assumed that I was home alone. Karen flat out proposioned me to have sex with her saying she wasn’t getting along so well with her significant other. Karen began to remove her blouse and I told her to get dressed and get out of my house. I knew she was wired and was trying to compromise me. My brother was seated in the other room and overheard the whole conversation. As Karen was easing out the door, I introduced her to my brother and told her if she wanted to get laid he was an available man. Karen left in a huff. We laughed for 15 minutes. Karen was taking taxpayers’ money to work as an IRS agent and doing dirty work for the Allstate Criminal Conspiracy

Spring 2000

IRS agent, Rani Gupta, appeared at the Robinson home without prior notice and requested to do an audit of my federal income taxes. I asked Rani for her paperwork, which would be protocol for an audit, Rani didn’t have any. I asked Rani if she knew Karen Foster and she had no knowledge of her. Rani gave me her card, which implied that she was from the Rochester, NY office. I showed her Karen’s card, which implied that Karen was from the Buffalo office. I told Rani that I was more than happy to comply with an audit, but that she would have to follow protocol and that I would meet with her in her Rochester office. Rani returned and for the next two years would appear on Friday mornings every two weeks. Rani eventually audited tax returns for the years 1998, 1999, and 2000. Rani never provided any legitimate paperwork, in spite of that I let her audit me. Rani was not satisfied with the illegal audit foisted upon David and Sandra Robinson. Rani also insisted upon auditing my mother Ellen N Robinson’s estate account and Ellen N Robinson’s business account called Robinson Cycle Net Inc. The absurdity of this is there was no authorization to audit David and Sandra and no authorization to audit Ellen N Robinson. Ellen N Robinson lived 80 miles from Scottsville, NY. Rani needed cancelled checks from all the banks that all three entities used in order to conduct her audit. I had nothing to hide and presented her with what was available to me. I knew that this audit was conducted for two reasons: to try to bankrupt me and to try to prove that there was business being done from the museum. I wanted Allstate to pay me and knew if Rani couldn’t find anything they would have no reason to stall anymore. One of these banks was JP Morgan Chase Bank, a McKinsey graduate, who’s CEO, Rajat Gupta, was also the CEO of McKinsey Consulting. JP Morgan Chase Bank provided Rani with all the cancelled checks she wanted and had the sheer audacity to charge me for printing them. These cancelled checks were sent to me directly. What Rani was doing with these checks was physically removing them from my home and meeting with the Allstate Conspirators. I knew enough to make copies of any and all checks before she removed them. Most checks were returned to me, some she claims she lost as a result of someone burglarizing her car; some she said were misplaced and would eventually be returned. What I noticed was when the checks were returned there were some blatant forgeries that came as a result of the Allstate Conspirators. I have locked away several forged checks and other checks of interest that bears the fingerprints of Allstate attorneys. There was no legal reason for the audit, for the removal of checks, or for the forgery of checks. I came to know Rani very well. I found five other people undergoing audits, initiated by Rani Gupta, and all five of these audits had to do with issues with insurance companies. How many dollars of taxpayer money was wasted on Rani Gupta and other auditors of her ilk who do the dirty work for insurance companies involved in criminal behavior? As it turns out, all the audits were illegal. None of the six of us owed anything to the IRS. The insurance companies were not able to prove their denial in paying the insurance claim was justified. In the summer of 2002, shortly before Rani left, she asked to visit 4156 Pre-Emption Rd., the address of my mother’s business. I told Rani that I would allow her to visit provided she did so in front of several witnesses (one of whom was a judge) and that she would go as an admitted spy for Allstate. I explained to her that as an IRS agent she had conducted an illegal audit and under no circumstances would she be allowed on those premises. Rani went to the Pre-Emption Rd. address, proved there was a business there and knew without a doubt that there was never any business that emanated from my museum in Scottsville, NY. Rani gave me a bill for $160,000 dollars due for back taxes, which she and I knew I didn’t owe. She told me I could appeal this and win the appeal. Rani also made another serious error. She apologized for her bad behavior, asked for my forgiveness, and told me that I had never filed suit against Allstate. This took me by surprise because I had paid an attorney, Mark Nunn, a considerable amount of money to file the Allstate suit in May of 2000. Rani eventually left my presence toward the end of 2002. In the summer of 2001 I became employed by the Triumph Motorcycle Corporation. This was a very good job and I had to move to the Atlanta, Georgia area to fulfill the requirements of the job. As a result of Rani needing to meet with me every two weeks, I spent a considerable amount of money on transportation costs. I also missed too much work; this led to my having to leave my good job with Triumph, all because of McKinsey, Allstate, and the crooked political system. How much in punitive damages is this experience worth?

April 7, 2000

Allstate’s lawyers contacted Richard Whitney – owner of motorcycle that caused the fire, and induced Whitney to take Cycle Stop, Inc to small claims court (Robinson was transporting bike for Cycle Stop) for the loss of his motorcycle. Allstate’s lawyers then organized a small claims court action where they represented Cycle Stop. Whitney had the right to pursue a claim against Cycle Stop, Inc in small claims court. Whitney could not and did not bring a suit against the Robinsons. Allstate Insurance used one of their lawyers, Suzanne Oulette, and illegally included Robinsons as defendants in the action. To follow protocol any and all parties of interest in a small claims action must be informed via certified mail and regular parcel post delivery of the date of the court action and the reasons for it. The Robinsons never received any notice of the court so could not attend. The Robinsons were notified that they lost in this trial by default. Why did Allstate do this? There are two reasons; to try to prove that the Robinsons had a business in the museum and to protect Cycle Stop, Inc from having to pay for the loss that they were responsible for. Remember Cycle Stop’s insurance was Zurich and Zurich was also trained by McKinsey. This trial costs the Robinsons $1 million dollars. This is what is called obstruction of justice. Allstate was able to obstruct justice and get away with it because they and McKinsey had paid so many agencies and politicians within New York State that the protective laws have been rendered meaningless. In one fell swoop the NYS courts and judges were compromised. It took until the year 2004 before I realized through paperwork, which I had received in discovery what had occurred at this trial. I noticed the names of two judges: Roy King and John Schwartz. This enabled me to see that these two willingly covered up the illegal small claims trial.

May 2000

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles sent notice that Allstate had notified them that Robinsons were allegedly driving without NYS liability insurance since March. Whereupon the Robinsons presented proof through cancelled checks that insurance was paid in full through July 1. NYS DMV said take it up with Allstate and pay us $4,200 in fines. Both of the Robinsons lost their driver’s licenses and the Robinsons had to pay the $4,200 dollars in fines. The Robinsons immediately acquired a new insurance company. All the years that the Robinsons had been driving they never had lost their driving privileges nor failed to pay premiums on time.

May 2000

The Robinsons purchased Hartford Homeowner’s and Auto insurance (also an insurance company that paid McKinsey Consulting to become part of their program of deceit and fraud.) The Hartford agent informed the Robinsons that they would have to pay a higher premium based on the facts that they were on record for not having paid Allstate on time and information was on record that showed that the Robinsons were involved in two accidents. The Robinsons asked where this information was on file and found a company with the acronym, CLUE, located in Atlanta, Georgia, compiled statistics provided by insurance companies. Robinson’s presented CLUE with a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request. CLUE notified Robinsons that Allstate Insurance had provided all the information regarding the accidents and failure to pay. What is sadly humorous is that the Robinsons never owned either of the vehicles, nor had driven them, nor knew of their existence, nor that were involved in the two accidents. Insurance information, good or bad, is like credit information, good or bad. The agencies which accumulate data have an obligation to verify its accuracy before publishing it. If an agency fails to do this, as in the Robinson’s case, it leads to undue stress and considerable, unjustified expense.

May 2000

The Robinsons hired attorney Mark Nunn to sue both Allstate and Cycle Stop, Inc. The Robinsons had been in communication with the NYS Insurance Commission and had asked for their help regarding both Allstate and Cycle Stop, Inc. and their failure to cooperate with the insurance law in NYS. After screening a minimum of ten attorneys the Robinsons come to terms with Mark Nunn. Mark Nunn promised to immediately file a summons and complaint against both Allstate and Cycle Stop. Mark explained that because Allstate had not written the mandatory letter of acceptance or denial within 30 days of the fire incident that they in fact had violated NY law and therefore would be responsible for immediate payment for the complete loss. Mark also stated that there were several punitive issues like the cancellation of the car insurance, the small claims trial, and the erroneous CLUE reports that should be addressed because this obviously showed egregious behavior. Another point of interest, Allstate failed to pay any money for the cleanup as a result of the fire. By May 2000, the Robinsons had incurred expenses of $22,000 dollars. During the cleanup, David Robinson suffered a bad concussion and other injuries, all of which have been validated.

August 2000

Ellen N Robinson, David Robinson’s mother, died from cancer and asked that the Robinsons persevere and stand up to the bad hands treatment that Allstate was dishing out to her family.

October 2000

The Robinsons appeared at a deposition requested by Allstate Insurance. Present were Mark Nunn, Allstate lawyer Jeff Marks, and Allstate adjustor William Marsaw. 90% of deposition is correct as recorded and 10% was illegally omitted. The Robinsons found out later that this deposition was illegal because Mark Nunn never filed suit against Allstate nor Cycle Stop, Inc. so Allstate did not have the right to depose. For the first time the Robinsons read and heard the recorded statements given to John Yanus. Two hours of recorded statements had been virtually eliminated. What was left had been doctored considerably and reduced to 11 typed pages which took 4 minutes to read. As a result of a deposition the parties involved, such as the Robinsons, Allstate Insurance, and John Yanus have the right to review and correct, or okay, all recorded information. The review process is known as an Errata Sheet. The interested parties sign this sheet in front of a notary. This process was never followed. The Robinsons never saw an Errata Sheet until the year 2004. Upon viewing the Errata Sheet in 2004, the Robinsons also, through discovery, had ample paperwork to show Mark Nunn had forged the Robinson’s name, had failed to notarize it, and was called upon by Allstate attorneys to come and notarize the document he had forged. Dave Robinson is a notary and knows that the requirement to notarize a signature is that it must be signed in front of a notary who immediately validates it. Not only did Mark Nunn forge the document, he was corrupted enough to become part of the Allstate Conspiracy.

June 2001

The Robinsons re-mortgage their home through Household Financial Corporation. Of interest: the Robinsons were not looking to re-mortgage their home. HFC had been calling the Robinsons for six months. The Robinsons did not contact HFC, the HFC calls were unsolicited. HFC would repeatedly offer a lower and lower interest rate. Finally in June 2001, the Robinsons accepted their beautiful deal. Until this point the Robinsons had a mortgage through Countrywide Financial Services. The mortgage was current, the interest was higher than what HFC offered, but Countrywide was becoming a little bizarre with their behavior. Countrywide was failing to honor the agreed mortgage with the Robinsons. Countrywide was the largest mortgage broker in America. Countrywide was a student of McKinsey Consulting. The CEO of Countrywide was Angelo Mozilo. Years later Angelo was one of the main parties responsible for the financial collapse of Wall Street. Countrywide, because of McKinsey, was totally connected to Fanny-Mae, Freddie-Mac, and all of Congress. Friends of Angelo, like former Senator Chris Dodd, and Andrew Cuomo (who then was secretary of HUD), received all kinds of insider information and scammed the American taxpayers out of billions of dollars.

The HFC mortgage turned out to be 100% loan fraud. Papers were presented to, and signed by, the Robinsons, which were later modified in secret. These papers did not reflect the truth of the new mortgage. This was very common practice in 2001. In fact one of the employees of HFC, Warren Miller, was already convicted of loan fraud and was barred previously from participating in mortgage programs. Ultimately HFC had to pay $482 million dollars in fines for “predatory lending”. In the case of the Robinsons, HFC committed loan fraud. The Robinsons paid an attorney considerable money to go to court where it was decreed that the mortgage was null and void. In spite of having no legal claim to the Robinson property, HFC and its bank that acquired HFC (HSBC), have never issued the mandatory court ordered lien release on the Robinson property. The reason HFC and HSBC came into the Robinsons life is because they were both McKinsey disciples and friends with Allstate Insurance. There sole purpose was to bankrupt the Robinsons. To this day, in 2012, there is still an illegal hold on the Robinson property.

December 2001

The Robinsons realized Mark Nunn had never filed suit against either Cycle Stop, Inc or Allstate Insurance and dismissed him for cause. It became obvious that Mark had been seduced by a team of Allstate attorneys. There is a statute, which designates that a suit must be filed within two years of the incident or it becomes Time Barred. Time Barred speaks for itself; the opportunity to file a lawsuit has become lost. This was the “eleventh hour”. File now or lose the opportunity to recover anything. The Robinsons hire attorney Fernando Santiago. Fernando immediately filed a bad faith lawsuit. The value of the bad faith suit was $1,300,000 dollars. This number was important because Fernando would receive one-third and the Robinsons would receive two-thirds. The Robinsons decided that if they recovered, in pocket, over $800,000 dollars from Allstate that they would not have to sue Cycle Stop, Inc. The Robinsons were willing to accept this for more than any other reason, to save Sandra Robinson from more abuse and stress. The Robinsons could easily prove that the Allstate lawyers, and William Marsaw, were involved in a criminal conspiracy.

A Summons and Complaint, Index # 15014-01, was served against Allstate Insurance Company. This lawsuit caught Allstate by surprise. There is a time period to respond to a summons and complaint; failure to respond within this frame signifies that the sued party loses by default. Robinson’s were in a position to issue a judgment immediately upon Allstate. It became obvious that the original Allstate attorney Jeff Marks had been dismissed because he was too honest to serve Allstate’s needs. Howard Rosenhoch replaced Jeff Marks and worked closely with Suzanne Oulette, who was already a known obstructer. These two attorneys began to poison Fernando Santiago. These two attorneys followed the McKinsey Doctrine and stalled, and stalled, and stalled. When a lawsuit is filed there is a discovery process that follows. For the next two years Fernando received a great deal of paperwork from Allstate. This paperwork became a Robinson file, which became quite copious. This paperwork clearly shows the extent of the criminal conspiracy. Fernando realized what he had acquired; he never let the Robinsons see this paperwork in spite of repeated requests. There was a young paralegal who worked for Fernando who told the Robinsons of the importance of this paperwork. This paralegal was dismissed by Fernando. Fernando succumbed to the Allstate Criminal Conspiracy and failed to do anything positive until 2004.

Spring 2002

William L. King (Bill), a retired police officer and a current investigator for the NYS Insurance Fraud Bureau, came into the Robinsons life. William L. King had an extensive track record of illegal and unethical behavior. When an insurance company had “issues” with a client and needed to get rid of this client, they called upon King. King had a serious gambling problem and spent millions of dollars following his addiction. Insurance companies would pay King to discredit or remove any problem client. The Robinsons knew that they were under surveillance, but could not put a name to this “investigator”. The Robinsons home was burglarized on two occasions. The Robinsons mail was stolen many times; sometimes the mail was burned in the mailbox. The Robinsons reported these crimes to the local police, no arrest were made. The Robinsons phones were tapped from immediately after the fire on and off to the present day, 2012. Bill King became another person, who taxpayers supported, who was corrupted by insurance companies. What are taxpayers getting for their money?


The IRS had a $160,000 dollar claim against the Robinsons and also because of this bogus audit the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance illegally placed a judgment against the Robinsons. The Robinsons became increasingly aware of the fact that Allstate was using many NYS agencies against them.

Tom DiPiazza, an attorney and tax expert, was hired by the Robinsons. Another $30,000 dollars was spent. A FOIA Request to the IRS resulted in receiving 160 pages of history concerning Rani Gupta and Karen Foster. Many lines of “prose” were redacted. Redacted means covered with black ink. The IRS explained that they had to redact some things to protect their integrity. Even though portions were redacted, the 160 pages clearly show the Allstate Criminal Conspiracy. There are two lines that show that there is no IRS claim against the Robinsons. In spite of being exonerated from this illegal audit, to this day, 2012, the Robinsons credit reports show the damage caused by this.


The Robinsons hire attorney Ernest Santoro. The Bar Association had recommended Santoro as being very qualified to sue Cycle Stop, Inc. Santoro did in fact file a summons and complaint. This summons and complaint eventually led to a huge fiasco of a Summary Judgment, which occurred in 2006.


Fernando Santiago finally deposed 2 Allstate representatives, Michael Quarterat and William Marsaw. Both of these reps were represented by Allstate attorneys, Howard Rosenhoch and Suzanne Ouellette. Both of these reps committed serious perjury in their depositions. These depositions cost the Robinsons money, but they have a great deal of value. Valuable information is on file, it clearly shows the two reps willingness to do whatever it takes to further their own cause and in so doing violate laws and become part of the criminal conspiracy.

Think about the absurdity; Quarterat and Marsaw, were represented by Howard Rosenhoch and Suzanne Oulette. These two attorneys had already been charged with their conspiracy and illegal behavior; their names were on file with the Bar Association and NYS Attorney Grievance.

Things weren’t going so well for Allstate during these depositions. So Bill King sprung one of his traps. Bill King had stolen mail from the Robinsons on many occasions and one of these thefts had to do with taking forms that the NYSDMV had mailed regarding re-registering vehicles. Two principle vehicles were a Saturn car and a van. These cars both had GPS sensors illegally placed on them. Bill King and other authorities knew their locations at all times. The Robinsons owned ten cars at the time. They weren’t aware of the fact that they had not re-registered these two vehicles. The Robinsons were not aware of the fact that these two vehicles were being “tailed”. During the depositions, at 10pm, Dave Robinson was closely followed for 5 miles by a police officer who had his bright lights on and obviously intent on eventually pulling over the Saturn. Dave Robinson was annoyed by this infringement of his privacy and decided to pull over into an apartment complex. The deputy followed him in, turned on his red lights, and walked up to the Robinson car. The deputy said,” I stopped you because you are out of registration.” This led to a great discussion. The deputy asked to tow my car with a flatbed truck that had followed us to the apartment complex. Dave Robinson knew that he had passed the deputy and the flatbed, five miles before the apartment. Dave Robinson knew that Bill King had followed him from a previous location to the deputy because he had seen Bill King at the previous location; he saw him get into a car and knew he was being followed. After a long discussion the deputy issued three bogus citations and allowed Robinson to drive to his home.

The very next day, at depositions, Suzanne Oulette asked Dave Robinson if he had a good time last night. She thought it was very funny that they could do this to me and hoped that I had learned my lesson. She told me more would come.

June 2004

Tom Robinson (brother of Dave Robinson) and Georgia Becker were driving an S-10 pickup in Penn Yan, NY; they were pulled over for no reason, by the police. The police determined that the vehicle had an altered VIN plate on its dash. The police seized the vehicle. It was impounded for a period of over two years. There was an immediate investigation conducted by Gene Mitchell, of the Penn Yan Police Department. The result of this investigation was that the vehicle was bought and paid for by Dave Robinson, had never been reported stolen, and the only determination for the altered VIN plate was that while in the custody of Bernie McGee he had substituted it for the VIN of another Robinson vehicle. Statements were given, all was understood, and the court determined that the vehicle was in fact the property of Dave Robinson. Mitchell flatly stated that he would never return the vehicle.

August 2004

NYS Supreme Court Judge Thomas Stander presides over “Summary Judgment”. Summary Judgment is a process where a judge listens for the pros and cons of the right to go to trial and lawyers representing both parties, the Plaintiff and the Defendant, present information to the judge. The Robinsons never saw Justice Stander, the Robinsons never heard what was presented to Stander, the Robinsons were kept waiting outside of Judge Stander’s chamber. The two obstructers, Rosenhoch and Oulette, presented on behalf of Allstate. Santiago presented on behalf of the Robinsons. During this process Santiago came to the Robinsons and asked the Robinsons to accept $60,000 dollars as final settlement for the million-dollar loss. The Robinsons requested to appear in the judge’s chamber and see what information was presented to the judge. This request was not complied with. Santiago went back into the chambers told Judge Stander that the Robinsons were not willing to negotiate and wanted to go to trial. Santiago came back from the chambers and said that Rosenhoch and Oulette were going to have the Robinsons arrested again. The Robinsons asked what would be the reason for an arrest, because they had done nothing wrong, and how could Rosenhoch, and Oulette, who were both involved in criminal behavior know anything that would lead to the arrests of the Robinsons? Santiago replied that an investigator, with the Insurance Fraud Division, (Bill King) had told Rosenhoch and Oulette that the Robinsons were driving vehicles with altered registration documents.

There is no legal reason why Thomas Stander should not have allowed this case to go to trial in his court. By 2004 four years had elapsed since the fire and the Robinsons could easily have proven that Allstate had conspired with many NYS authorities to cheat them out of their contract. Why didn’t Thomas Stander do his job? He was, and still is, paid by taxpayers to perform a service. He failed to do his job.

It was decided that Santiago would be dismissed as the Robinson attorney and that the Robinsons would continue the suit with someone who had a backbone. Bill King had set the stage very well because he altered many VIN #’s on Robinson vehicles. As a result of Santiago telling the Robinsons that they would be arrested, the Robinsons closely scrutinized all of their vehicles. The Robinsons had hired Bernie McGee to maintain and refurbish many of their cars and trucks. All of the Robinson’s vehicles were correctly titled. The Robinsons noticed, upon scrutiny, that many of the windshields VIN #’s had been substituted from one vehicle to another. All of these vehicles had been in the care, custody, and control, at one time of Bernie McGee. Bill King befriended Bernie McGee and aided and abetted the substitution of these numbers. It’s not easy to change a VIN #. The windshield must be removed in order to do this. The Robinsons knew that in effect they were driving their own vehicles with their own numbers being placed on another vehicle. The Robinsons knew that they were being set up and decided to see where it was going to go. The Robinsons maintained insurance and just waited.

Bill King could not get the sheriffs in the Rochester, NY area to do his dirty work. Gene Mitchell, in Penn Yan, had proven himself to be willing to aid and abet Bill King, but he did not have authority to stray beyond Penn Yan. Mike Christiansen, on the other hand, a Yates County Sheriff, was more than willing to jump into Bill King’s bed. The Robinson Family business was located in Himrod, NY, within Yates County and near to Penn Yan.

With no search warrants, no authorization, and no prior warning, Bill King, Mike Christiansen, and Christine Wyant Sherman, a NYSDMV employee, all appeared at 4156 Pre-Emption Rd. They proceeded to search every crack and crevasse of the property and inspected all vehicles, including tractors, motorcycles, jet skies, snowmobiles, cars and trucks. There were easily over 100 vehicles on the premises. They seized two vehicles claiming that had altered VIN #’s. While on the premises Bill King stole many tools and said it was his right because they were used in the commission of committing crimes. Robinson knew, by this time, that both of these vehicles had been altered by Bill King. Robinson knew who Bill King was. He had illegally trespassed on the Robinson property many times, but he did not know Bill King’s name. The owners of the Robinson business, in Himrod, NY, were Dan and Margaret Preska (Dave Robinson’s sister and brother in law). Margaret was a retired college president and Dan a retired rocket scientist. They have and always have had incredible integrity, and enough money to do whatever they wanted in life. They have always been dedicated to helping their fellow man. The business at that time employed six people and had been the product of investment of years of life and several hundred thousand dollars.

The Yates County Sheriffs Department supplied the local newspapers and radio stations with a great deal of erroneous information. This was complete slander. There was no basis for it, and neither the newspapers nor the radio was willing to print a retraction. Allstate’s boxing glove approach, through Bill King, looked like it was working. For the moment the Robinsons were discredited.

Fall 2004

Dave Robinson went to work in Himrod, NY and found ten policemen had illegally broken into the house and all the buildings on the premises. This party of police was led by Mike Christiansen and Christine Wyant Sherman. Marty Reynolds, one of the officers, was even going through Margaret Preska’s underwear drawer. Robinson and Christiansen had several words where upon Christiansen presented a bogus search warrant. Robinson asked for a copy of the warrant, Christiansen refused to give it to him. Robinson wrote on the warrant “this is bogus, it came off the Internet, it is generic, and it is not signed by a judge.” where upon Robinson stamped all over it with his notary stamp and returned it to Christiansen. Bill King was not present that day in September because he had already been arrested for other criminal activity.

Computers and paperwork were seized and removed. Every single vehicle on the premises was examined. Eventually, with the exception of three trucks, all was returned and it was determined that there was no basis for the home invasions.

Dave Robinson was arrested and charged with two counts; illegal possession of a vehicle identification number and vehicle dismantling without a permit. Both of these are class E felonies. The importance of arresting a person and charging them with a felony is that if this charge holds up, ie legitimate, then the person cannot appear in court against Allstate, or anyone else, because their testimony is no longer, without question, truthful. Bill King had accomplished this program of illegal arrest many times prior to setting up Dave Robinson. He had wrecked many people’s lives, got rid of them as problems for insurance companies, and then spent his ill-gotten, illegal money on gambling. Both of these charges were totally erroneous. The business was correctly and duly licensed by its owners, Dan and Margaret Preska. Dave Robinson was an employee there. Where is the value in this arrest? The VIN numbers all belonged to Dave Robinson, he could prove he had bought and paid for all these vehicles, therefore there was no illegal possession of a VIN #. Why would Dave Robinson change VIN #’s from one of his vehicles to another? Bernie McGee and Bill King changed all these numbers to discredit Dave Robinson. Why else would Bill King, Mike Christiansen, and Christine Wyant Sherman have the blatant disregard for the law to conduct this illegal home invasion?

The stress of this caused the closure of the family business in Himrod, NY. Upstate NY is becoming an increasingly depressed area. Many jobs have been outsourced and the unemployment rate is steadily going up. Consider the economic impact that is totally negative, and what it cost the Robinson family, the dismissed employees, Yates County, NYS, and even the Federal Government. All this because Allstate pays McKinsey to learn how to commit fraud, enrich themselves, and destroy our democracy. Dave Robinson hired John LaDuca, an attorney, and asked to go to court to contest both the illegal traffic stops and the illegal home invasions. LaDuca elected to take plea bargains for both courts in lieu of incurring the expense of going to trial. I desired to go to trial so that finally the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth could be laid on the table. By going to trial I could clear my name, collect my money from Allstate, and get on with the rest of my life. The traffic stop was watered down to some miniscule infraction and I paid a small fine. The two arrests effectuated by Mike Christiansen, of the Yates County Sheriffs Department, had no meaning whatsoever. Judge Helen Helbritner of Dundee, NY asked if I would agree to pay a $660 dollar fine for the “intent” to drive a vehicle with an altered VIN. I made it perfectly clear that I knew it was altered and I was waiting to see what was going to come from it. To that extent I did knowingly drive a vehicle that Bill King and Bernie McGee altered. I decided to plea to this in order to get the promised return of the three illegally seized vehicles. It took a long time and the expenditure of more money to finally get two of the three vehicles returned. The third vehicle, which I had paid $14,000 dollars to Bernie McGee to repair, never was returned. Allstate claimed that ID #’s on the frame (not the windshield) matched ID #’s of a vehicle that they owned. This is the danger of the Allstate monopoly. Allstate has run many independent repair shops out of business, they have illegally subsidized, or owned company stores. This gives Allstate the advantage to do whatever they want and no one checks up to see if they are committing fraud or not. Mike Christiansen has a long history of unethical behavior as a policeman. Mike Christiansen, shortly after arresting me, came up to Rochester on another matter. Business as usual, Mike Christiansen went into a business without a search warrant and demanded identification from all the costumers. One of the costumers is a friend of mine. Christiansen found that this friend has an address near by me. Christiansen bragged that he had arrested Dave Robinson as a criminal car thief. Keep in mind the taxpayers paid Mike Christiansen, Gene Mitchell, and Helen Helbritner. All three of these people betrayed the Constitution. All three of these people took money to do a job that they didn’t do and were compromised and corrupted by the Allstate Conspiracy. All three of these people violated the Civil Rights of the Robinsons and for that matter every other American.

The NYS Motor Vehicle Bureau, and employee Christine Wyant Sherman, violated the terms and conditions of their commitment to society. The department and Christine both are supported by the taxpayers.

When I finally got two of the trucks back there was a lapse of up to two years and I was blackmailed by Mitchell and Christiansen into paying additional fees with cash. At first they agreed to accept certified bank checks, but then to make it more inconvenient, demanded cash. I paid this cash; got my vehicles, and still have them today. Over the years NYS has lost many politicians due to corruption. One of these politicians was Alan Havesi. He was the state comptroller. I wrote Havesi a detailed letter about my experience and asked that he look into what Christiansen and Mitchell did with the cash. Havesi never did anything and lost his job for embezzling a considerable amount of money himself. Did Mitchell and Christiansen cut him in on the ill-gotten gains?


I again hired John LaDuca as a lawyer to present my case against Allstate in the State Supreme Court. As a result of serving as my criminal lawyer LaDuca became intrigued by the complexity of the Allstate Conspiracy. I had my reservations, even though I liked LaDuca, I didn’t think that he had the experience to fight such a big machine. In fact my reservations turned out to be justifiable.

LaDuca served Allstate with the summons and complaint initiated by Santiago way back in 2001. Santiago provided all the information he had gathered to LaDuca. For the first time I was able to see my files. What a learning experience it was. Through discovery Santiago had acquired enough information to validate all of my feelings about Allstate and their criminal conspiracy.

For the next two years LaDuca prepared to go to trial.

When I observed my files I realized that my civil rights had been seriously violated. I got a copy of the American Constitution, looked at many Amendments (which are enclosed in the Constitution chapter) and realized that I was not only a victim of violation of NYS Law, but also of Federal Law as well.

I hired attorney Christina Agola. Christina specializes in representing people whose civil rights have been violated. In particular Christina has become an expert in utilizing the 1983 Civil Rights Act to pursue justice for the victims who have suffered abuse because state actors violate the terms and conditions of this act.

I knew when I hired Christina that the NYS justice system was horribly corrupted. I knew my only recourse to get my “day in court” was to seek a change in venue. A change of venue does not necessarily mean a new location, in my case it meant leaving the state system and going into the federal system.

Christina eventually issued a summons and complaint against many of the parties that had abused me who are involved in the Allstate Conspiracy.

November 2005

David Williams, friend and witness died from cancer – he left affidavit concerning testimony given to John Yanus.

June 2006

Sandra Robinson died from cancer and stress with a wish that parties who had wronged the Robinsons so badly answer to justice. (See Sandra Robinson chapter)

Fall 2006

Ernest Santoro finally managed to arrange for depositions regarding the suit on behalf of the Robinsons against Cycle Stop, Inc. – the party responsible for the fire. This deposition process was seriously flawed; the deposition was conducted in the Allstate legal office, it should have been conducted in the office of the attorneys who represented The Zurich Insurance Company. Remember Zurich was a McKinsey student and Allstate’s lawyers in April 2000 so badly obstructed justice that if Zurich lawyers had shown up they would not have known anything at all. The deposition process was handled by Allstate attorney, Scott Carlson. The Robinsons were not allowed to bring in any witnesses to speak on their behalf. The Robinsons were not allowed to talk about the reason for the fire. Two people were deposed on behalf of Cycle Stop, Inc. One, the owner, Gary Schreib, committed blatant perjury and the other, Mark Anderson, never saw nor touched Mr. Whitney’s motorcycle and his testimony is as worthless as his character. John Yanus, the Cause and Origin investigator, who proved that Whitney’s bike caused the blaze, was not permitted to testify.

During this deposition process Dave Robinson realized that Ernest Santoro had been bought out and compromised. Robinson requested a few words in private with Santoro. Robinson knew that the room was wired because of the RF Detector with Lens Finder that he carried at all times. During this conversation Robinson asked Santoro to have these depositions transferred to a neutral location. This did not happen. The testimony gathered in this deposition was transcribed, but it was also altered. Upon viewing this deposition testimony Robinson asked for the Errata Sheet. Santoro never provided an Errata Sheet and this deposition process became a Summary Judgment. William Polito, NYS Supreme Court Judge, never read nor wrote his conclusions derived from this Summary Judgment. The team of Conspiring Allstate lawyers became, Judge, Jury, and Executioner. This team of lawyers had Polito sign their exercise in “creative writing”.

What is important to know, if a judge signs a conclusion, there are always certain buzz words enclosed so that if a conclusion is appealed the Appellate judges have some ammunition to use to protect the corrupt initial judge. On the three occasions that Dave Robinson appeared in the Appellate court all three times, the same scenario unfolded. The judges, Scudder, Martoche, Smith, Green, and Gorski; had always conspired with the preceding judges and had been given carefully choreographed lines. There is no stenographer in the Appellate court so nothing is in print. Dave Robinson has a very good memory and can recite, verbatim, what was said and transpired in those three corrupted Appellate decisions. Dave Robinson begged the Judicial Review Board to grant him the privilege of bringing these five Appellate judges in front of a review board. The Judicial Review Board never did anything. See NYS Agencies or Departments chapter

October 2006

The Robinsons purchase the book “From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves”, by David J. Berardinelli, where they learned that Allstate had paid McKinsey Consulting a tremendous amount of money in order to learn how to commit fraud. We all know by the previous chapters how this was accomplished.

This prompted me to acquire more information dealing with the McKinsey teachings and how they affected the political and financial systems of our country.

November 2006

The Robinsons go to court to sue Allstate for failure to pay their policy in good faith. NYS Supreme Court Judge Kenneth R. Fisher presided. I finally had the opportunity to take an oath to speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. This turned out to be anything but the case. Three people appeared at the trial that were paid by Allstate. First and foremost, was attorney Howard Rosenhoch (see enclosed letter in Lawyers chapter that Rosenhoch received prior to the trial). Before the trial I had turned Rosenhoch into the Attorney Grievance Committee for his unethical and illegal behavior. Rosenhoch should have been disbarred from doing anything as an attorney. Mark Anderson, a former employee whom I had dismissed for persistent theft and drug abuse, was paid by Allstate to come in and lie. John Yanus, the Cause and Origin investigator, appeared and testified that his recording taken at the Robinson residence had not been altered nor cut. In fact, the Robinsons had an expert review the recording and could clearly show it had been spliced and altered. Yanus eventually admitted to having disposed of two tapes. The Robinsons were allowed to bring no rebuttal witnesses to counter the contrived and falsified testimony given by all three, Mark Anderson, John Yanus, and Howard Rosenhoch. During the trial, a juror, whose name I won’t mention now, approached Dave Robinson and told him to ask for a mistrial because the Allstate lawyers were paying members of the jury. Howard Rosenhoch presented income tax returns allegedly filed by the Robinsons. These returns were documents; they were unsigned, and never filed. The reason that Rosenhoch was this arrogant was because he had been working closely with the IRS agents Rani Gupta and Karen Foster. The irony is that even with falsified income returns they were unable to show that the Robinsons had ever conducted any business from the burned museum. I repeatedly asked to read in court the one basic question; what is the difference between a business and a hobby? I was denied this right. If no one can prove that there were any sales of goods or services, then obviously there was no business. Judge Fisher repeatedly refused the Robinsons to present evidence, which would clearly show the criminal conspiracy that Allstate was engaged in. Judge Fisher decreed that many NYS Insurance Laws would not be discussed in his court. Here we have a judge paid for by taxpayers who violates laws written to protect taxpayers. Would you or anyone you know want to appear in front of him? Judge Fisher was arrogant, abusive, and violated his Judicial Oath. A judge presides over a courtroom; his job is to allow the defendants and the plaintiffs to present the truth. Fisher failed to do this. To make matters worse, Judge Fisher was intoxicated during the proceedings.

See Judge Fisher’s “rap sheet” in the Judges chapter.

In spite of knowing that this was anything but a fair and honest trial Dave Robinson decided to continue until a jury reached a verdict. At this time Dave Robinson knew he had a case pending in Federal Court, which was all-inclusive and he would finally get the opportunity to present.

A poorly instructed, and in some cases, paid jury managed to find partially in favor of the Robinson’s. When the jurors left the room they had the impression that they were confused, deceived, and used. Judge Fisher overturned the jury because he was paid by Allstate to render a decision, which they desired. Judge Fisher is the most corrupt, disgusting example of what has gone wrong with the system.

Needless to say I filed a complaint against “The Honorable Judge Fisher” with the Judicial Review Board.

Summer 2007

Robinson spends considerable money to appeal the Fisher court decision. Robinson spends considerably more money to appeal Judge Polito’s decision that was rendered to the above-mentioned inaccurate deposition from Fall 2006. As mentioned previously, there is a NYS Appellate Court 4th Department seated in Rochester, NY. The Appellate Court exists to ensure that prior trials in Summary Judgment decisions rendered by judges were legal and correctly achieved. If parties who appeared at prior proceedings can clearly show that due process was not followed they are entitled to their American right of a new and correct trial.

August 2007

The Robinsons file suit in Federal court for violations of their civil rights caused by the malfeasance of Allstate and their attorneys.

November 2008

Maureen Smith, a NYS insurance bureau investigator, sent one of the Robinson’s complaints about Allstate, from her office in the Albany NY area, to New York City. Eventually, a person who didn’t exist, in New York City answered the complaint and told the Robinsons where to shove it. The Robinsons called the New York City Insurance Department where upon they spoke with a person who identified themselves as the replier to the Robinson complaint. This person said his name was Mr. S. Laroc. This person was incredible abusive and a liar as well. This person stated that he did not work for the insurance commission and that the Robinsons had no right to seek redress from the taxpayer supported insurance commission. In fact, S. Laroc was a disgruntled Canadian who had been the owner of seven separate Allstate franchises; the real S. Laroc sued Allstate for unfair and illegal businesses practices. Then to make matters worse, within a half hour of our conversation this same person, “S. Laroc”, called me from a cell phone, with no caller ID and therefore no way to return a call to him. “S. Laroc” asked me to please do a survey with Allstate Insurance, which I complied with. I spent a half hour speaking with a young lady on the “S. Laroc” cell phone. This young lady asked me over and over to buy insurance from Allstate and wondered why, if I had gone to the effort of inquiring about buying insurance from Allstate, would not immediately buy it. I was very patient with this young lady and explained to her that I would be the last person on the face of the earth to recommend to anyone to buy Allstate insurance. Every time she offered me some new desirable insurance package I would tell her another story about all the lies, deception, fraud, and other illegal practices that Allstate was engaged in. Sometimes this prompted the young lady to laugh and say she was just fulfilling the requirements of her job. This conversation went nowhere. In spite of my imploring her to do something positive, the only thing she would do is give her name as “Margaret.” She was unable to do anything to help rectify all the wrongs jointly bestowed upon clients of Allstate Insurance, and their bed partner, the NYS Insurance Commission. Obviously I bought no insurance and she did nothing to address my concerns.

There was no doubt that the corruption within the NYS Insurance Commission was, and still is, out of control.

December 2008

There is really a “police state”. I paid the price for being a “whistler blower”. Upon arrival at the Miami Airport, on a return flight from out of the country, my passport was scanned. A woman with a gun escorted me to a room where I was locked up. She was unable to tell me why this breech of my privacy was taking place. While in detention I had a chance to speak to as many as 100 other detainees, it was an interesting experience. There were ten separate police analysts in the front of the room. Periodically someone would be called to go speak with one of these investigators. I speak both Spanish and English and listened to the questions being asked of the other detainees. I determined immediately that some people were in this room because of realistic legal issues and some were being detained strictly for harassment. Eventually it was my turn to go to the front. The investigator had lots of information about me in front of him; it was obvious they were waiting for me. I immediately asked him why I was there. His response was that my passport had been flagged because I had been a thorn in the side of many important people. I asked him to arrest me, file some charge, and allow me to address it, or immediately release me. He told me to return to my seat and I would be called again in an hour or so. Upon recall I was informed that they could not arrest me, but that I would continue to be hassled until the parties, i.e. corrupt politicians in high places, where satisfied that I had learned my lesson. The investigator called me “John Wayne”. And told me that even though Allstate had acted in bad faith there wasn’t much I could do about it. He told me many, many, government agencies had requested that I be detained. Once more I asked to be arrested, he said, “we can’t do it.” Remember the old adage, “you can’t fight and beat city hall.” I was released.

Even though I was released, I knew that every time I traveled I would be detained again. Detention is dangerous, and expensive. Not only does a detainee miss connecting flights, all those traveling with him miss connecting flights. I had previously lived in other countries, had seen revolutions, and had seen blatant abuses of people’s privacy. Always, always, I have been grateful for the freedom and integrity that America provided for its citizens. I realized that this was a thing of the past. Fortunately I wasn’t physically injured as a result of this detention. I have come to know several other people who were in fact injured as a result of illegal Home Security detention.

I immediately appealed to my congressmen to find out who put me on the “blacklist”, when did they do it, and what were the reasons for it? As it turns out all of these congress people were paid for by the taxpayers and none of them did anything to help me. Eric Massa, in particular, was in a position to address my concerns. Not only was Massa a congressman, he was paid to be on the Homeland Security Commission. Massa lost his job for alcohol abuse, non-performance of his duties, and episodes of immoral behavior. What did taxpayers get for their money from him? What do taxpayers get for their money from Schumer, Slaughter, and Gillibrand? See my enclosed letter that they received and did nothing at all to help me. It doesn’t matter anymore if a person is a Republican or a Democrat. Members of both big political parties receive too much money from special interest groups. It renders them unable, and or, unwilling to live up to their Constitutional Oaths of Office.

Remember, we used to have a democracy in America unfortunately this no longer exists.

Maxine, an assistant to Congressman Chuck Schumer, contacted me and told me to download some forms off the Internet, to fill them out, and send them to her. These forms had to do with being removed from Homeland Security. Maxine told me that no one in government would ever tell me any reason for anything.

In February 2010 I returned from New Zealand, the very same passport that I had in 2008 was scanned. There was nothing on it. I was not detained. The very next day Maxine called me and she knew that I had come through Los Angeles. Maxine asked me if there was any problem with my passport, I replied no. Once more Maxine told me that I would never know who “blacklisted” me and for what reasons.

What was really interesting was two days later I received a call with no caller id. The caller knew when I went to New Zealand, when I returned to America, and that I had not been detained. The caller asked me if I was satisfied. I asked the caller how and why someone as abusive as him could know so much about me?

For all I know, I may be back on the “blacklist” again.

Many people who are reading this may be on a “blacklist” and don’t even know it. What happened to America? I was an acclaimed Peace Corps volunteer. My integrity has always been and still is, at the highest level. I was the innocent victim of abuse heaped upon me by McKinsey Consulting, Allstate Insurance, and their affiliation with many corrupt government agencies.

March 2010

Federal Judge, David G.Larimer, in Rochester, NY, rendered his first decision regarding my lawsuit against Allstate and state actors who violated my Civil Rights. This lawsuit was in the possession of David Larimer for several years prior to his rendering his first decision. Of interest is that Larimer stalled, and stalled, and stalled before eventually issuing a ruling that was completely contrary to what he is paid to do. Larimer is paid to be a judge. His job is to evaluate the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s lawsuits and make a determination as to what can be brought into court. The judge’s job is not to disallow the plaintiff’s right to gather evidence. Larimer’s decision, as the decisions of the corrupt state court judges, Fisher and Polito, was written by the team of Allstate lawyers. Remember this team of lawyers had been obstructing justice since long before Dave Robinson filed his initial lawsuit in December 2001. I know the penmanship of the Allstate lawyers very well. I know that Larimer could not possibly have known things that were written in his decision. Larimer refused to hear my case regarding civil rights violations by Allstate Insurance.

David Larimer sentenced insurance fraud investigator William L. King (Bill King) in the spring of 2005. Larimer was in possession of considerable information that pertained to other illegal activities of William L. King. Many people, including myself, sent via registered mail to Larimer, previous complaints that had been filed with the NYS Insurance Commission regarding the fraud of William L. King. King was the ultimate “smoking gun” in the Robinson case against Allstate and all the corrupted government bureaucracy. Larimer also had in his possession the 160 pages, which were received via the FOIA request from the IRS illegal audits. In the lawsuit in Judge Larimer’s possession for a minimum of three years, before he even ruled, there were many, many more complaints and allegations which can be completely proven. All of this can be proven if the Robinsons are allowed their constitutional right to depose the bad actors. Many of these bad actors are employed by NYS and or the Federal government. The whole reason for the 1983 Civil Rights Act is being negated by Larimer’s refusal to allow the Robinson’s to bring their suit into his courtroom. In Larimer’s summation, written by Allstate attorneys, the majority of complaints in the lawsuit are not even taken into account. To not allow Robinson to go to trial was a continuance of the violation of the 1983 Civil Rights Act. Thus far Allstate has gotten exactly what they have wanted, and paid for, out of Judge Larimer as well. They have continued what they have learned from McKinsey; to stall, to make it very expensive for the plaintiff, and to continue to obstruct justice.

It has cost a great deal more money to appeal the Larimer decision and I have had to wait until December 2012 to appear in New York City in front of three Appellate judges. All any Appellate judge has to do is ask a few basic questions: has this person’s Civil Rights been abused?… can he prove it?…, and has this person been afforded his constitutional right to a fair trial thus far? If the answer to any, and or all, of the previous questions is affirmative, there is no reason to delay an honest trial.