Sandra Fogg Robinson

A true saint, a genius, a consument humanitarian who lived every day of her life abiding by the “Golden Rule”. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

Sandra became my wife on March 25, 1967. Sandra had a Masters Degree from Harvard University. She could have done anything she wanted to do, but chose to be an English teacher. Sandra was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about the same time we married. We made a pact, I would do everything within my power to help prevent the invasive destruction of her body from this autoimmune disease and she would calm me down enough so I could survive as a professional motorcycle racer. Our pact worked, Sandra’s disease went into remission. She had a long successful career as an English teacher, a community volunteer, and a highly acclaimed productive benefit to all mankind. Sandra had the misfortune to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1996 this too went into remission.

With the “boxing glove”—“bad hands” treatment bestowed upon Sandra Robinson as a result of Allstate Insurance’s behavior, which they learned from McKinsey Consulting, both of Sandra’s diseases came back with a vengeance. Both cancer and MS are curtailed if an individual can lead a stress free life. The Allstate program serves up more stress than just about any human being can tolerate. The last four years of Sandra’s life were pure hell. Sandra died and asked me to please continue my fight against this evil. Think about this, that some policy that Allstate pursues in the name of money is responsible for so much damage to the human spirit, the human body, and even the human life. From my point of view, after watching Sandra die, and reading about the teachings of McKinsey Consulting, Allstate is guilty of manslaughter.

How many times did Sandra Robinson return home from teaching school only to find Bill King and Bernie McGee trespassing on our property? How many times did she have to confront these two individuals who were doing whatever they could to destroy us? How many times did Sandra have to deal with vandalism and burglary in our own home heaped upon us by these two individuals? Do you have any idea of the stress that Sandra underwent as a result of the IRS illegal audit? Think about what happened to Sandra Robinson…her credit was wrecked, her reputation was besmirched, illegal judgments were placed against her, and she received over 100 threatening and abusive phone calls. The Allstate Conspiracy thought that she was the weak link and they thought if they abused her enough they could force us into their two-bit settlement. Not only did Sandra Robinson lose a million dollar museum she also lost the tranquility of life that she cherished so much.

There are thousands of Sandra Robinsons all around America and Canada whose quality of life, and or, life itself is taken from them by this malfeasance