NYS Agencies or Departments

Each and all of the five named NYS entities exist because of taxpayer dollars. We will examine a little history between the Robinson’s and all five.

  1. Judicial Review Board.

    Official known as The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct. This agency is comprised of lawyers and lay people, which means educated, qualified, people who are capable of determining if judges are living up to their oath’s given both as lawyers and public servants. The agency admits to receiving about 2,500 complaints every year. The agency is supposed to evaluate these complaints and has the power to sanction a judge who violates the terms of his employment in many ways. These sanctions can be fines, outright dismissals, suspensions, or mandating more schooling to enhance the judge’s integrity. Very, very seldom does any judge’s name appear in the media, no matter how egregious the judge’s conduct is. This agency has been watered down to the point of being basically useless.

    I contacted, via registered mail or personal delivery, the Judicial Review Board on many occasions. I know many other people who have had problems with judges and have asked for assistance. None of us received anything in return. In the Letters chapter is included one of the letters written by me to them. Also included in Letters is my response to a job opportunity, which was published offering a chance to work for this very commission. That I know of, two of us, who were very qualified, asked to be interviewed for the open position. Neither of us even received a reply. A judge was given the job.

    This is nothing but one more example of what is wrong with money in politics. Do we need the fox guarding the hen house?

    In spite of the Judicial Review Board ignoring the majority of complaints received, I still managed to find an extensive complaint sheet relating to Judge Kenneth R. Fisher. Fisher should have been publicly examined and rousted from his position years ago. If the media would do its job and publish complaints that were found to be valid pertaining to unethical and or illegal behavior on the part of judges it would be a good deterrent for other judges not to succumb to the same thing.

    I wrote local newspapers and included my complaints about judges that I had written to this conduct board. Local newspapers were willing to publish information, which slandered me, given to them by authorities, without checking on its veracity. The same local newspapers that refused to publish my complaints went on to endorse some of the judges for re-election.

    See Amendments to the Constitution chapter. Two of these amendments grant American citizens Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech. These amendments no longer exist in our present day democracy. If I had been able to benefit from my American Constitution, many years ago, citizens all around America would have become aware of the corruption aided and abetted by McKinsey Consulting.

  2. The Attorney Grievance Committee of New York State.

    The department that I have dealt with is located at 50 East Ave. Rochester, NY.

    The Grievance Committee is supported by taxpayer’s dollars.

    The job of the Grievance Committee is to oversee the conduct of attorneys. The Grievance Committee has the power to sanction, and or, disbar a lawyer who violates the Code of Professional Conduct. See a segment of the code in Oaths and Codes chapter. On many occasions I wrote to, via registered mail, and or personally delivered, to personnel, specifically Janet Montante and Greg Huether, many valid complaints concerning illegal and unethical behavior on the part of named attorneys. The only good that came from my complaints was that in a few instances some of the corrupt Allstate attorneys disappeared from my existence. These attorneys were substituted by other attorneys of the same ilk. I turned in these substitutes too. I was never asked to come and testify and as far as I know not one attorney was sanctioned in any way whatsoever. Janet Montante even stole some of my supporting paperwork. I remain grateful for the fact that I retained copies of all correspondences.

    I have come to know many other people who have complained, with total justification, about attorneys to this grievance committee. No one has received anything in return. Taxpayers are not getting their money’s worth. A new broom sweeps clean. Eliminate the department; hire new faces that are not in the “good ole boys club”.

  3. NYS Appellate Court

    This court, Fourth Department, shares the same address, 50 East Ave. Rochester, NY, with their ”partners in crime”, The Attorneys Grievance Committee.

    In the past 12 years I have had the occasion to pay my entrance fee of roughly $20,000 dollars each time to appeal decisions rendered by corrupt judges. This Appellate court is a complete and total disgrace. The five judges, who I have come to know quite well, all feel that they are underpaid and overworked. As a result of this basic ill feeling the judges are very vulnerable to corruption. The very reason for the existence of the Appellate court is to determine if the rule of law was followed in a prior court. The Appellate judges must review written requests, or appeals, provided by attorneys who participated in the previous trials. After review, the attorneys are given the opportunity for oral argument. This oral argument has proven to be a sick endeavor. In my case on all four occasions the team of Allstate Attorneys, who learned how to obstruct justice from McKinsey, all wrote the previous judges conclusions. In all four cases the Appellate judges knew that these very attorneys and the previous judges had been charged with Obstruction of Justice. There is no stenographer in the Appellate Court, never was my attorney allowed to present the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    When McKinsey taught Allstate the “tricks of the trade” they emphasized that if a client decided to file a lawsuit that they must punish him with “boxing gloves”. The Appellate Court turns out to being nothing more than a barrier on the path of realistic progress. By the time a client gets to the Appellate Court a great deal of time and, money has been spent. The Appellate Court is nothing more than another entity, which has been compromised as a result of money in politics.

  4. NYS Supreme Court System

    The judges who work within the NYS Supreme Court System are paid around $150,000 dollars a year. These judges were promised an increase in pay over 12 years ago. As of today’s date they still haven’t gotten it. Many of these judges are discontent. I have had occasion to come to know 11 NYS Supreme Court Judges and I have only found one with real integrity and commitment. Some of the other ten were horrible and some were so-so. For $150,000 dollars we should be able to be assured that all the judges would live up to their Judicial Oaths. See Code of Conduct and Oaths of Office chapter. If a judge receives $150,000 dollars a year, paid for by the taxpayers of NYS, and doesn’t do the job expected of him or her it causes two problems: the first of which, a qualified person would love to have that position and is deprived of it because the incompetent person has it. The second of which, it badly erodes the faith in the system. Multiply 10 judges’ salaries, of $150,000 dollars a year, times 12 years and think about how this money could be better invested.

    If the Judicial Review Board had any teeth whatsoever we could rectify the above waste of money and energy. If a judge is not fulfilling his obligations get rid of him and substitute a better judge. If we did this the citizens of Monroe County would not be subjected to the whims of someone like Kenneth R. Fisher.

    If any of the judges who were assigned the case Robinsons vs. Allstate had acted as professionals this matter would have been resolved years ago. Not only have the Robinsons wasted a tremendous amount of money as a result of bad judges, but also the taxpayers of NYS have been badly deprived.

  5. NYS Attorney General’s Office

    In effect this is the sheriff of New York State. This office is responsible for policing crime within the state.

    We had a good Attorney General his name was Eliot Spitzer. Mr. Spitzer realized the damage that McKinsey Consulting had caused and how it was badly eroding the financial district of Wall Street, the New York Government and the Federal Government. Mr. Spitzer had an agenda; he had real integrity, and was in the process of cleaning up the corruption that affected the whole country. Mr. Spitzer did a good job, but unfortunately he became governor. I am sorry I never wrote to Mr. Spitzer about my problems while he was still Attorney General.

    Spitzer becomes the new governor and Andrew Cuomo becomes the new Attorney General. I did write many registered letters directly to Andrew Cuomo and asked for his assistance in correcting all the illegal behavior that had been heaped upon me. Andrew Cuomo covered everything up. I found out that Andrew Cuomo was totally in the pocket of the very people I was complaining about.

    Andrew Cuomo had been secretary of Housing and Urban Development. During his tenure he was involved in a big scandal regarding misappropriation of vast sums of money. During his tenure Andrew Cuomo was very good “friends” with Angelo Mozilo, who was CEO of Countrywide Financial Corp. Under the guidance of Angelo, Countrywide became the largest mortgage broker in America. What Allstate did for the insurance industry (stealing more money from clients), Countrywide did for the mortgage industry. Needless to say Countrywide was a shining student of McKinsey Consulting. “Friends of Angelo” were many members of Congress, most of Wall Street, and most importantly HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. Andrew Cuomo was right in the middle of all the financial criminal behavior that brought about the Wall Street meltdown of 2009. Angelo Mozilo eventually was fined millions of dollars and prohibited from having anything to do with financial markets.

    Andrew Cuomo managed to bury all his misbehavior under the rug and return to NYS to become our Attorney General. Andrew Cuomo was also a lawyer on the Insurance Commission. This is conflict of interest. I know because the same letters that I wrote to Cuomo, I also wrote to James J. Wrynn, former Commissioner of Insurance, and these letters always ended up in the same place in the NYS Insurance office and if anyone addressed them at all it was the obnoxious “S. Laroc”. Cuomo was also overseeing the Office of Public Integrity. I wrote letters to this office and made them aware of all the unethical activities of many public officials in NYS, including Andrew Cuomo. Andrew Cuomo used the Public Integrity Office to get rid of people in his way. This included former Governor Eliot Spitzer and former Governor David Paterson. Imagine Paterson getting busted for buying baseball tickets with public funds. The money misappropriated by Paterson is a drop in the bucket compared to what was misappropriated by Cuomo as secretary of HUD. I ask that we re-open the ethics investigation that was initiated to investigate the behavior of Cuomo.

    The former Public Integrity Bureau was disbanded, it was deemed to be too compromised to be efficient. Unfortunately, Andrew Cuomo got to select a minimum of three candidates for the new office. This new office is known as the New York State Joint Commission of Public Ethics.

    Cuomo has done some good things for New York State as governor. However, Cuomo has a lot of dirty laundry on the line. Cuomo talks about transparency and accountability, we do not get either. The new commission has many meetings behind closed doors and does not take FOIA requests. How can this new commission do its job if all complaints are not correctly addressed?

    In spite of the letters that I wrote to Andrew Cuomo and the former Public Integrity Bureau I received only two replies and these weren’t written, they were via telephone. John Harris and Sharon DiNovio both told me that my concerns would be addressed and asked me to put a dollar value on my damages. I told them both at the time that it was approximately $2 million dollars and that if they would facilitate this I would go away. Neither one did anything, I am still here and I am still being cheated out of my money. All the politicians I complained about are still working at taxpayer’s expense. And these very politicians continue to obstruct justice and deny me my day in court. See Letters chapter. Many more letters are available upon request.

    The present New York State Attorney General is Eric T. Schneiderman; he is also in charge of the New York Integrity Bureau.

    Eric Schneiderman, to his credit, has begun to bring charges against many students of the McKinsey school. Most recently Rajat Gupta, ex Goldman director, ex CEO of McKinsey, and ex CEO of JP Morgan Chase Bank, was fined and imprisoned for two years. One of Gupta’s friends, Mr. Rajaratnam, was imprisoned for eleven years and paid a $92 million dollars fine. There have been about 65 convictions of financial predators as a result of Eric Schneiderman’s new scrutiny. There is so much crime in the financial district within NYC that encompasses much of our Congress as well, that it is almost impossible to clean up. I commend Eric Schneiderman for making an effort, after all that is the job we pay him to do.

    My personal experience, however, with Eric Schneiderman is that he has failed to address my concerns. I wrote to Eric Schneiderman and made him aware of the illegal behavior that I had suffered from. Eric Schneiderman has never responded in any way, shape, or form. In fact, at taxpayer’s expense, Schneiderman’s office is defending one of the very parties named in my lawsuit, Charles Bardong, who was director of New York State Department of Insurance Fraud. What is important here is that under the 1983 Civil Rights Act Charles Bardong can be sued as an individual, but that his office, the NYS Department of Insurance Fraud, can escape liability and responsibility. This 1983 act (included in Consumer Protection Laws chapter), clearly states that individuals can be held responsible. I can prove, easily, that Charles Bardong was aware that his former employee, William L. King, was involved in illegal activity from as early as 1998. This was well before William L. King came into my life. NYS taxpayers just paid a considerable amount of money for Eric Schneiderman’s office to provide a cover-up for Charles Bardong.

    This is what my whole lawsuit is about, the far-reaching influence of McKinsey, the fraud of the McKinsey students, and the involvement of politicians in this fraud. I am appealing to Eric Schneiderman to investigate all the parties and entities named on Allstate’s Friends in High Places list. Isn’t this the same request that you received from me before Eric?

    Eric, did you take the Oath of Office? Did you take the oath to obey the Lawyers Code of Professional Responsibility?

    Eric, do your job and get me into court.

    According to the reply I received from the office of Eric Holder, who has failed miserably at his job, YOU, Eric Schneiderman, are the proper authority. I suggest that Eric Schneiderman, Joseph Morelle, and Andrew Cuomo re-read the Oath of Professional Responsibility, The Lawyers Oath, and carefully review NYCRR216.6C. Especially pay attention to Standards for Prompt, Fair and Equitable Settlements, section c. If Allstate had followed NY Insurance Law and had written out their reason for not paying this claim, I would have been paid immediately. They failed to write me within 15 days and never, ever wrote anything each and every 90 days thereafter. McKinsey taught Allstate very well how to use “boxing gloves”. Take a look in People of Interest section and see how much money Joseph Morelle receives from insurance companies.