McKinsey Consulting

To better understand the downward spiral of America, that came about as a result of deregulation and money in politics, and brought about my personal, horrible nightmare; trying to collect on my insurance policy from Allstate. We must introduce McKinsey. McKinsey’s mission statement became, “Winning the Economic Game—Changing the Rules.”

When James O. McKinsey founded McKinsey in 1926, he could not have imagined the reach his small firm would eventually have. Eighty-seven years later, the firm has grown into a global partnership serving two-thirds of the Fortune 1000. McKinsey employs approximately 17,000 people. McKinsey has a long history as an advisor to the world’s top corporations Secretive and seemingly all-powerful, some call McKinsey the Jesuits of the business world—an elite order of business disciples steeped in a powerful corporate culture of mystery, rigorous training, and absolute allegiance to monolithic code of business principles. McKinsey is,” the high priest of high-level consulting, the most formidable intellectual firepower, has the classiest client portfolio, and the greatest global reach of any adviser to management in the world.”

How big is McKinsey? McKinsey serves as a business strategist for virtually all of the world’s 200 largest corporations. Approximately 500 of the major American companies, up to 50 insurance companies, and at least 60 large banking entities have been the beneficiaries of McKinsey Consulting. All of Wall Street is completely infected by the McKinsey doctrine. There are 535 elected men and women serving in Congress. The vast majority of these people no longer can serve the democracy of America because they are so influenced by the cancer that emanates from McKinsey.

For many years McKinsey had a good reputation as a reliable, ethical, and respected consulting firm.

Around 1980 McKinsey took on a new philosophy regarding how to maximize their profits for themselves and their clients. With this new philosophy McKinsey began to charge much more money for their services and they promised their customers that byfollowing their teachings they would be in a position to maximize upper management salaries and stockholder returns. McKinsey’s customers were more than pleased to pay a minimum of $10 million dollars, and up to at least $60 million dollars, to indulge in this new philosophy. The movie, Wall Street, and its main character Gordon Gekko, came about as this new philosophy.

"While the producers of the movie Wall Street clearly intended to portray this character as a villain; ironically enough, thanks to this movie, Gordon Gekko became a source of inspiration for a countless number of investment bankers around the world. It has often been suggested that Wall Street turned out to be a most effective recruitment tool for the investment banking industry.”

“The point is ladies and gentlemen, that greed--for lack of a better word--is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed in all its forms—greed for life, for money, for love, for knowledge—has marked the upward surge of mankind.”
- Gordon Gekko, Wall Street (1987)

The sad truth, however, is that once a company adopts the “greed is good” business philosophy, profits can never be enough. When greed is good, there is no such thing as too much profit. When Gordon Gekko was asked how much profit was “enough”, his response was brutal. “It’s not a question of enough, pal. It’s a zero-sum game. Somebody wins—somebody loses.”

In 1970, the ratio of the top 100 corporate CEOs and the average worker’s pay was 40 to 1. As a result of McKinsey’s teachings, by 2007 it was 1,723 to 1. McKinsey’s basic philosophy was to rewrite the laws of America. A multi-pronged approach is used to outright buy politicians, to circumvent every citizen’s civil rights, to ignore the laws of the land, and render all of our protective agencies useless.

McKinsey created two major star clients that became the darlings of Wall Street. These clients were the Enron Corporation and Tyco. By following the McKinsey school of thought, they defrauded investors and taxpayers out of billions of dollars. McKinsey used their success stories in the early 1990’s to entice all of Wall Street, insurance companies, banking concerns, and other large corporations to pursue the “greed is good” mantra. McKinsey’s business boomed. Eventually many directors of Tyco and Enron ended up in prison, but by that time the damage had been done. A plethora of new clients went on to achieve mega fraud. McKinsey learned from this and realized that for their program to be complete and as efficient as possible they had to buy off regulatory agencies and politicians.

The financial collapse and the Wall Street buyout of 2009 were a direct result of a criminal conspiracy brought about by the McKinsey teaching program. The cost to America is in TRILLIONS of dollars. What McKinsey has managed to do is create a complete monopoly that includes our Congress, all the major companies, banks, and lobbyists. All of McKinsey’s clients work together, passing information back and forth, in the pursuit of personal profit with no regard for the value of the American Democracy. A principle law, “The Sherman-Anti Trust Act” of 1890, came about as a result of the abuses of monopolies. The American system was established as a free enterprise economy. In 1890 The Sherman Anti-Trust Act virtually saved America by restricting monopolistic influences and thereby protecting the middle class. Directly as a result of McKinsey unifying all of the previously mentioned parties, a very strong monopoly was established. This monopoly is nothing more than a criminal conspiracy that steals money from the middle class, that farms out our viable industries, and that enables all McKinsey students to mutually benefit from ill-gotten gains.

We will follow the McKinsey teachings to Allstate Insurance Company in the next chapter. Keep in mind that what McKinsey taught Allstate is basically the same formula that is used throughout the McKinsy counseling program.

This criminal conspiracy behavior not only is extremely harmful to our economy, but also brings about early death and undo stress to all who are affected by it. My position is that any individual who has suffered as much as I have can justifiable make a valid case that McKinsey is guilty of manslaughter as well.