Allstate Insurance vs. The Robinsons

December 28, 1999. I awoke early in order to have my yearly physical. Life was good. I looked into the mirror and thanked God for all of my good fortune.

I was a 58 year old, in good health, with money in the bank. I had been married to a very successful woman, named Sandra Fogg, for 32 years; She had overcome Multiple Sclerosis and cancer. She was gainfully employed as a high school English teacher. Our one son, Matthew, had a good job, and was doing well. I was semi-retired, was doing some work at my mother’s business, and had spent $1,000,000, on a museum to commemorate my achievements. I was solidly in the middle class.

Upon returning home, from my physical, I found my museum in flames. We fought the fire, as did various fire departments, but we lost it all. A lifetime of memories, and $1,000,000, all gone, just like that...

I had a great deal of experience with insurance companies. I was a recognized NYS Insurance Broker I had never submitted a claim, ever, for any losses on my premises. I had the impression that there was no real worry because I had purchased the best insurance policy that Allstate Insurance could provide. Well, Allstate did not honor their contract with me, they committed serious fraud with the help of all of our NYS corrupted officials, and politicians.

Within a day of the fire the National Fire Adjustment Company came to visit me at my home. They explained that they would charge 10%, of whatever we could recover of my policy with Allstate, to negotiate a fair settlement for me with Allstate. They warned me that Allstate had a new way of doing business, that they were extremely deceptive, and were no longer the “good hands people”. They also warned me to not give any statements in writing or verbally unless I would have copies of what was said or written and sign a statement that was true to the best of my knowledge. I should have listened to them, I didn’t take their services, and they were very prophetic.

The last twelve years of my life have been a long hard row to hoe. I have been forced to spend close to $250,000 in an attempt to collect my policy from Allstate. I have lost my wife directly due to the illegal practices and procedures foisted upon us. I have been the victim of so much corruption that I have lost faith in my own New York State. I have seen more corrupt lawyers and judges that anyone could have imagined existed. I prevailed in New York State Supreme Court and won a jury decision, only to see a judge overturn the positive jury decision and deny me.

My greatest desire is to get national publicity, make people aware of what is happening to me and many other Americans. If I get national publicity I can finally get my day in court. My day in court will not only address my issues with Allstate, but it will also be a new beginning for America to get back its Democracy.

To properly convey my saga, I will follow a timeline. The reader will see names, dates and illegal acts bestowed upon me, and all US citizens by our country, state, and local officials.