1980 Deregulation and Money in Politics

If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom and the irony of it is that, if it is comfort or money it values more, it will lose that too.
-William Somerset Maugham

With the advent of deregulation and money in politics, the downhill slide of our cherished and unique democracy in America was assured. Our American constitution came about as a result of our idealistic ancestors who had to deal with tyranny and taxation without representation. We in America are blessed to be the recipients of a perfect Constitution and Bill of Rights, and many other protective acts which enabled our nation to develop a strong, educated, and honest population. Virtually all of you people who are reading this have directly benefited from the goodness of what America can and did give as a result of our Constitution.

Vast amounts of money began to pour into political campaigns, which eventually ended up bringing about an act called Citizens United, which our Supreme Court passed, that negates the democratic process. Where does all this money come from? It stands to reason that the majority (the democracy) do not and cannot contribute the tremendous amount of money that has gone into politics. This money comes from big business, big banks, and financial intermediaries, especially insurance companies. As a result of my fire loss I have come to realize that our system no longer protects us. And it is basically because of the corruptive influence of this money in politics. For the first time in my life I asked appointed and elected officials to do the job that we taxpayers pay them to do and got nothing in return. All of our elected and appointed officials swear to the enclosed Oath of Office where by they agree to live by and not betray our Constitution and all the other protective laws that we enjoy as a result of our free democracy. Think about it; why should taxpayers elect and or support any of the politicians who are listed in this document, who have not done the job that we pay them to do? In my Letters chapter I have enclosed only a few of the many requests written to various politicians and protective agencies. I will be happy to share all of my requests to anyone who asks for them. None of these letters got me anything positive. What we have in America today is a true failure to communicate. The same situation existed prior to the American Revolution. I do not advocate anything as drastic as a revolution, but from reading my saga and the conclusions I have drawn, I would like some feedback in the form of emails to answer a few questions that hopefully we can put to a national vote to begin to change the process that began in 1980. This money in politics brought about deregulation, and rendered our two major political parties virtually useless when it comes to doing the job that we pay them to do.

Many of our politicians are lawyers. There is a code of conduct that lawyers swear to uphold. This code has been violated by every lawyer on the enclosed list. What we have governing, and controlling us, are politicians who don’t believe in the Oath of Office and a plethora of lawyers who pay no attention to the code of conduct.