Allstate Insurance vs. The Robinsons

December 28, 1999. I awoke early in order to have my yearly physical. Life was good. I looked into the mirror and thanked God for all of my good fortune.

I was a 58 year old, in good health, with money in the bank. I had been married to a very successful woman, named Sandra Fogg, for 32 years; She had overcome Multiple Sclerosis and cancer. She was gainfully employed as a high school English teacher. Our one son, Matthew, had a good job, and was doing well. I was semi-retired, was doing some work at my mother’s business, and had spent $1,000,000, on a museum to commemorate my achievements. I was solidly in the middle class.

Upon returning home, from my physical, I found my museum in flames. We fought the fire, as did various fire departments, but we lost it all. A lifetime of memories, and $1,000,000, all gone, just like that...
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